Introducing ReflextAR, an extraordinary augmented reality shooter game developed in collaboration with the renowned Airsoft Company Novritsch. Prepare to embark on a thrilling journey that seamlessly merges reality and virtuality, transcending the confines of conventional gaming.

Harnessing the power of advanced position and rotation tracking technology, ReflextAR delivers an unrivaled virtual airsoft experience. With the aid of the provided picatinny smartphone mount, securely fasten your phone and immerse yourself in the world of precision shooting.

Our dedicated team relentlessly endeavors to enhance your gaming adventure. Through regular updates, we strive to introduce captivating new game modes, revolutionizing the realm of virtual airsoft and redefining its very essence.

ReflextAR is not merely a game, but an invitation to embrace a new level of interactive entertainment.


Puppetmaker - Don't make a Sound

Puppetmaker is a 3D first Person Horror Game which takes place in an old dusty house. You are trapped in the house together with an old mysterious Puppet maker. The key is to be as silent as possible and escape the house by solving puzzles with logic (not trial and error) without being caught by him. Everything you do or move could be heard by the Puppetmaker, so be aware!

The Forest of the Sirenhead

The Forest of the Sirenhead is a 2D pixelated Horror Game based on the famous Internet trend from 2020. You wake up in a strange looking forest and your mission is to collect wood to survive the night till 6 am.

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